Yesterday, we began filming a promotional video for our upcoming SUP & Yoga retreats. Mother Nature had once again prepared a beautiful bright blue back drop dotted with little puffy white clouds and a warm turquoise liquid bath for us.

SUP & Yoga retreats with Paddle Barbados


Our actors, best referred to as mermaids, were Sarah, Steff and Jessie, and they were equally as prepared. Sketching out a storyboard, they matched a large selection of brightly coloured bikinis to each action. The first order of the day was to capture some casual and candid moments in front of the shop before heading into the water.

This first segment went a bit overtime, naturally. As the girls chatted and joked about the day’s events, there were two bikini changes, some PB customer engagement, a dog skipping along in a life vest, and a camera battery charge before we were ready for the water.

Once on the water the controlled chaos of the beach subsided and the three beautiful mermaids glided playfully together across the bay. The shipwrecks were the first stop on our aquatic adventure. Fixing their boards to a coral encrusted buoy the ladies unstrapped their snorkel gear and dove in for some excitement beneath the surface.



Apart from a few wardrobe malfunctions and a bruised ankle, the mermaids aced their dismounts and were beneath the surface within seconds.



The water was gorgeous. The teeming colorful reef fish darted this way and that looking for an easy meal. Jessie made a few deeper dives to the deck of the sunken ship to spy on the shy marine life that made the bright coral and soft sponges their home.

SUP & Yoga Retreat with Paddle Barbados Snorkel with the Turtles


Leaving the wrecks behind us, we paddled our way over to one of the most popular attractions on the island. Swimming with the sea turtles is a must when visiting Barbados, and for good reason. These beautiful graceful giants glide almost effortlessly among the bobbing bodies of visitors. They are fed scraps of flying fish by the excursion boats and so are attracted to human activity. Filming this segment was easy as these sleek sea creatures turned and dived with the greatest of ease as our ladies tried to keep up with their underwater waltz.

SUP & Yoga Retreat with Paddle Barbados Snorkel with the Turtles


Paddling our way back to the beach the ladies joked about a few of the bloopers that may come out of our two hour stint on the water and made plans for filming the next segment.

Next stop: sunset SUP yoga and a few cocktails at Dippers Beach Bar!