SUP & Snorkel Lesson & Tour

Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Location: Paddle Barbados, Pebbles Beach
Price: $70 USD per person
Booking Information: Must be booked in advance. SUP & Snorkel is offered daily at 10am and 4pm. A minimum number of 2 people is required to run a SUP & Snorkel lesson & tour. If you are coming alone, we will try to put you in with another group.

The SUP & Snorkel Tour includes a beach lesson, guided tour across the bay, and the added bonus of snorkeling! After our brief break at the opposite end of the bay, we head back and begin the real adventure of snorkeling with the turtles and other marine life. If conditions allow, we will also snorkel over the Bajan Queen or Berwin Shipwreck. Snorkel equipment is included and will be carried by the instructor and handed out when snorkeling begins. The boards and paddles will be left in the hands of the instructor so you can snorkel freely with the turtles. If the conditions allow, and everyone is up for it, we will head over to one of the shipwrecks to snorkel a bit more. Afterwards we paddle back to the shop to finish the tour.

Please contact us for more information or to book your SUP & Snorkel lesson and tour!