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Can you surf with a paddleboard?

Yes, of course! We offer SUP surf lessons and tours and if there are small, beginner waves during a regular SUP lesson or tour, we’ll get you riding them if you want. Also, take a look at our YouTube channel to see Paddle Barbados SUP Surfing!

Where is the best place to stand on a paddleboard?

Stand just behind the center point of the board. The nose (front) of the board shouldn’t pop out of the water, and the tail shouldn’t dig in. There is usually a grab handle right at the center of the board.

What should I wear for SUP?

Wear clothing that lets you move and that can get wet: shorts and a T-shirt or rash guard work great if you aren’t comfortable wearing only a swimsuit in the hot sun. A swimsuit is really all you need though. We do not provide any Personal Flotation Devices, please bring your own if you feel they are necessary.

Why does the paddle have an angle?

The elbow in a paddle provides a more powerful, effective stroke. When you’re paddling, the elbow causes the paddle blade to align straight up and down as it comes alongside the paddle board.

What forms of payment are accepted?

At this time, Paddle Barbados accepts cash only. Payment should be made at the beginning of each SUP lesson, and when boards are delivered for rentals. Long term rental payments over $200 USD may be paid via Credit Card prior to, or at delivery. Credit Card fee of .13% applies.

How do I book a lesson?

blog_5Check out our SUP schedule and join one of our group lessons, or if you’re interested in a private group SUP lesson email the following info: number of people in your group, date and time requested. We will get back to you with some details and let you know if that time is available.

Am I going to get wet/ do I need to know how to swim?

While there are some people who don’t fall in the water, most do. It’s no big deal, it’s actually refreshing! When you do fall in, simply swim back to your board (which you’ll be connected to by a leash) and hop back on. You must be comfortable in or on water in order to have a fun and safe time while paddle boarding. You will need to be able to swim to your board in case you fall in.

Where do you run your lessons?

blog_5We utilize several area beaches around the island, but our favorite spot is Carlisle Bay, which is perfect for beginners and offers beautiful views. Sometimes weather conditions will dictate where we have to run the lessons. Visit SUP locations for more info and pictures.

Do you provide the boards and paddles?

Yes we provide the boards and paddles, and will set you up with a board that’s appropriate for your height and experience level.

Can I rent the boards after the lessons?

Yes, let us know in advance that you would like to rent paddle boards after your lessons, we can arrange to bring the proper racks and tie downs in order for you to transport the boards back to us. We rent our boards for $40 USD per day (there is a minimum of 1 day rental), but will work out a special rate for those who just took an SUP lesson or tour with Paddle Barbados. Roof racks incur an additional fee.

Are there any age requirements?

We have had families with children as young as 4 and adults as old as 75. If you have young children and want to include them, we can make arrangements to ensure everyone has a good time, send us an email for more information.