As many of you know, our beautiful Paddle Barbados shack has been removed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the removal team who helped save the structure from destruction as well as all the wonderful people who make up the Paddle Barbados family and continue to offer support.

Despite our best efforts we were unable to bring back the shack. We have donated it to a local school meals program. The upside to our loss is that it has helped others and now gives us a wonderful opportunity to rebuild.

Paddle Barbados is asking for your financial support in the restructure of our SUP, sail, kayak and snorkel facility. Due to Town and Country planning restrictions we are unable to rebuild the structure as it existed before, but we can create appropriate storage systems for our equipment and a compliant office space to serve our members and guests in a professional and efficient manner. The Barbados Cruising Club has allocated a designated area of their building to Paddle Barbados and we are very grateful and excited about this new opportunity.

Your donations will go toward the purchase of material and the construction of our facility. With your continued help we can build a strong and healthy water sports community locally and internationally.

Paddle Barbados

Please Note: Donations are in $USD, since PayPal is not setup to accept $BBD currency.