Thanks for Registering for our Downwinder!

Price & Payment
The board rental fee of $30 can be paid ahead of time or on the day of the paddle. You may also purchase a package of 5 downwinders for $100 (savings of $50). Cards can be purchased prior to our paddle or on the day of.

Cancellation Policy
Please respect our time and efforts by providing at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. You can reach us by email at or phone/whatsapp at (246) 249-2787.

Route & Duration
We will launch from Sandy Beach at 9am, and should finish at Paddle Barbados by 10am. The distance is approximately 4.5k, so come hydrated and well rested!

We provide transportation from the Barbados Cruising Club to Sandy Beach BEFORE the paddle. We recommend meeting us at the BCC no later than 8:30am for a ride to Sandy Beach. Your car can be left at BCC/Pebbles Beach. This eliminates the need to collect your car after the paddle. If you choose to meet us at Sandy Beach, please be there by 8:50am, and arrange your own transportation back or carpool with others.